“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them” Walt Disney

Why MenorcaWed? More than why , I am more than what for . I think everything happens for something .
I decided to create MenorcaWed when I discovered that I loved helping couples in their preparations, in their big day, in their party. Because yes, I like to call weddings the party of love , since a wedding is love, made a party.

I love organizing, searching, finding, innovating … always being up to something or someone. I love design, I love making weddings with a soul, because I believe fervently that weddings have to have the soul and essence of the couple . I love helping someone to find that essence, to guide them, to give them ideas, to give them confidence and strength, why a wedding, there are many things to think about and especially moments to enjoy.

MenorcaWed is born from a dream, my dream, to help the couple to create their dream wedding. More than a wedding planner in Menorca , I consider myself a designer, an artisan, a creator of unique and magical moments. Who was going to tell me, that my dream would be to help others to materialize their dream, their wedding.


MenorcaWed is design and wedding decoration . We create magical designs and decorations to turn your celebration into an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. We work to shape your ideas and we present you proposals so that you can select the ones you like most for your party.

In MenorcaWed we offer you from the wedding planner service in Menorca , the organization of your wedding, the decoration of your dream wedding in Menorca and also the graphic design of all the stationery. The wedding has to explain a story and this story has to have a common thread that we will help you create, so that even the smallest detail is under control.

My philosophy is “WITH SOUL” , and my work is manual, my handmade decorations, and the designs made with a lot of love. Creativity, Communication and Organization are my secret to create weddings with soul with the simplicity and essence of Menorca always present.



MenorcaWed comes from two words: Menorca (my wonderful island, a unique place to get married) + Wed (it is the formal word used in English to talk about weddings).

The graphic image of our logo is formed by two olive branches. If you look closely, you will see that the branches form an invisible circle. Why a circle? The circle, having no beginning or end, means eternity , forever. And that’s what MenorcaWed wants for their couples, eternal love.

And why two olive branches? The olive branch accompanies us throughout the landscape of Menorca, it is something that transmits closeness and at the same time simplicity, it is something very Mediterranean. The olive tree symbolizes prosperity, longevity, endurance and renewal , blessing and joy, the hope of a future of success. In our logo, the olive branches come together symbolizing the new life that begins full of love and happiness, the same as we look for the bride and groom to be their  wedding planner in Menorca .

I hope with all your heart that you have liked this post. And you know, if you get married in Menorca and you are looking for someone to help you, decorate the wedding or advise you, I will be delighted that you tell me your love story.

I always say that the universe gives back everything you give.
So give love and in the end it will always return to you multiplied




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